Internet marketing is an emerging as an important form of eCommerce. In this form of direct marketing orders are received and processed over the internet, website are used for providing general information regarding the products, its specialization users etc. Internet base marketing is very useful fir exports business as the internet provides global reach to both the exporter and the importer.

Thus the internet is changing the way marketing is done. Internet technology provides businessmen with the festers, more efficient and much more powerful methods of designing, promoting and distributing products, conducting research and gathering market information.

The internet is global web of computer network. It has become very source of information as the internet is connected with the millions of computers around the world. The inter in deed is very important direct marketing based on electronic communication. Electronic business refers to the effort made by the suppliers to inform the customer about the product and services, communicate with them, motivate them and sell the products through their internet.

Features of internet marketing

The main features of internet marketing are given below:

Individual communication

Interaction with the individuals costumer takes place through the internet ion E- commerce. So, marketing communication is individualized.

Data depository

The internet contains data and information in a huge quality. A vest amount of information is stored on thousands of websites and can be obtained from there whenever required.

E-mail and Electronic platform

Email is used to quickly transfer the message for business operations.

Channel of direct marketing

The internet is an important channel of direct marketing.

Relationship marketing

E-commerce helps in maintain good and everlasting relationship with the costumer. The internet is a useful tool to make a permanent customer by giving satisfactions.

Online selling

On-line selling makes the e-commerce possible to take place. Direct relationship can be established with the costumer by selling different products and services through the channel.

Advantage of Internet marketing

The advantages of internet marketing are given below:

  1. Convenience

The business can be operated 24 hours through electronic channel. In other words, business transaction can be conducted on a regular basis through electronic channels.

  1. Global Research

The scope of e-commerce has spread all over the world. Even small business organization can make their product available in many countries across the world.

  1. Economically

Limited expenses can meet the purpose of reaching the customers, rendering services and satisfying them. Cost of setting like rent,insurance etc are reduced.

  1. Dis-inter mediation

Electronic commerce has proved that the presence of inter mediation is unnecessary. The customers can have the products for cheaper price as directs contact is established with them through direct approach. And a firms profit also becomes higher as expected.

  1. Improved Customer service

The business can improve customer service by bringing changes in its behavior, as customer’s needs, expectations, wants, complaints, suggestion can be immediately identified with internet.

  1. Information

Customer can collect and compare information about competitive goods and services without leaving home office.