According to the development of the world and the development of science and technology, the world is interconnected and self developed. The world community has passed the difficult phase. Human activities are becoming inhuman in their nature. Such activities are spreading throughout the world. Yet the era of 20th century has been passing an era of extremely dangerous, murderer and killing. In the present world Terrorism has taken a dangerous shape. Terrorism has taken very difficult chains. Terrorism can harm long term way in the protection of nature and the continuity of human generation.

The purpose of terrorism is to destroy the peace of the society creating fear and danger and it results should be unlucky. While attacking head of the state, government chief, or the statesman or attack and kidnapping them or attacking the chief of the government or civil servents or worker or attacking to a citizen or crowd or while shattering the factories, transport or communication or while doing similar kind of terrestrial activities. Terrorism has taken the will of dominant and fulfilment of personal gain from the means of physical and psychological depression and intervention.

Modern politics and criminal terror has been becoming more crucial and painful than before. The main reason of such increase in terrorism may be because of the economic motive by the politically and mentally guided leader. According to the context of Nepal, the present characteristic of present multiparty system of Nepal has become Criminalization of politics and politicization of crime. There is serious danger in democracy.

Terrorism is a meaning of gaining material benefit by the use of ultra modern weapons. On the one hand such activities give psychological and material satisfaction to terrorist, on the other hand, terrorist have not understood that while destroying human civilization and culture, they will not remain alive. We can clearly state that terrorism is an evitable process developed internally in society and group of people which is criminal attitude.

Terrorism has been able to keep multinational character regarding its significant problems such as political psychological model, religious environment. It’s universal characteristics.

Classification of terrorism

Political purpose

Terrorism conducted by an organised criminal group

Terrorism of National Separatist Power

Racial terrorism

Religious terrorism

Aerial terrorism

War terrorism

Trade terrorism

Guerrillas terrorism

Terrorism done by an individual or group to other citizen or the society.

State terrorism (white terrorism)

International terrorism