Here is an interview session with Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel Vice Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) regarding the development of technology in Nepal.

Why is the technology sector of Nepal developing slowly?

The primary reason is we are not able to prioritize this sector as it should be. We are not running with the technological trend.  Government is not focusing on this sector; they established the Ministry of Science and Technology very late. Along with the government, the public is also less interested in this field. Similarly, the investment in this field is comparatively meager.

Are you satisfied with the work done by your team (NAST) for the development of technology?

Well, we have tried our best during all those working hours. We managed to build different kinds of infrastructure and added some of the equipment which was not available earlier. Similarly, we enrolled in many intelligent and skilled man powers in our team. Still, there are many things to do. We are in the process of experimenting with the different invention. Overall I am quite satisfied with our performance.  

Till date, NAST has invented many of the things, but the public is incapable of using them in their daily life, why is so happening?

 Indeed the public is not being able to use all those inventions in their daily life, for this government should show some effort. The scientist only invents and discovers things they are not supposed to promote those objects designed by them. It is government duties to encourage all those inventions. Government is not showing good effort these things, which is a sad thing for the entire scientist of state. We do have numbers of useful and effective invention in our place, but the government is failing to recognize them. 

 Will NAST improve its performance if the government increases its budget on the field of technology?

 Of course, NAST can improve its performance if the government will increase the budget in the field of technology. The high budget will allow us to conduct various researches, establish labs, enroll numbers of skilled human resources and among others.  


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