Here is a short interview with Mahendra Man Gurung, Secretary of Ministry of Information and Communications. This interview focuses on the current scenario of information and communication in Nepal.

How is the status of information and communication in Nepal?

Information and communication is a significant thing for the whole world. Nepal has experienced many positive changes in different field. The role of information and communication is very significant in all those changes. Keeping the importance of information and communication in mind, the constitution of Nepal has guaranteed an excellent provision related to information and communication.

It is often heard that the Ministry of information and communication is not addressing the right to information in a proper way, what do you have to say on it?

I disagree with this statement. We take a right to information as a sensitive subject because it carries the potential to change human minds from positive to negative. We strictly follow the constitutional provision related to a right to information. We have always provided the information that is required to reach up to the public.

Similarly, we do not provide information that is not supposed to be disclosed among the people. Such kind of information can threaten national security, religious harmony and among others. I too somehow believe that there are some kinds of things related to the right to information that needs to be corrected

Does the private sector complain that the ministry of information and communication only works for the favor of government media and avoids the private one? How true is it?

I don’t think so; we are equally focusing on both kinds of media. Regarding the contents of media, we have strictly instructed the press council to take action against those who disseminate harmful and unethical news.


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