Interview With Krishna Prasad Dulal, Acting Chairman Of NADA

Image: Setopati

NADA Auto Show 2018 that kicked off from 11 September is the largest automobile fair of an entire nation. Around 60 thousand participants are anticipated to visit the gala.

To know more about the show we present an interview session with Krishna Prasad Dulal, Acting Chairman of NADA.  Read the full interview for further information.

What are the major attractions of NADA Auto Show 2018?

Electric vehicles are the major attraction of NADA 2018. Every year NADA show comes with new things. New Schemes, latest offers and among others.

It is heard that NADA faced a lot of trouble while installing the stalls, how accurate is it?

We went through lots of troubles while managing the stalls. The space of Bhrikitumandap became small and limited to us. There is no proper place to organize the shows on an international level. The government seriously needs to keep these things in mind.

We brought one dome from India. We got a demand for many other stalls, but unfortunately, we couldn’t set them because of the small space. That’s why we could not manage booths for some of the companies.

Do you think it is a big thing to establish a hall of international level for automobile dealers?  

If the government will provide us land or if they will extend the space of Bhrikutimandap we can make it. NADA is ready to do it. The government also should make up its mind. There is vacant land behind Bhrikutimandap. Similarly, Bhakatapur and Chobhar also have unoccupied land.    

At last, what would you like to say regarding NADA Auto Show?

We worked hard for NADA. While visiting NADA one can gain a plethora of knowledge. We want to make the show more information and expect to get feedback from our visitors. I ensure visitors of NADA won’t get disappointed.


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