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Surendra Kumar Uprety has been working for NADA from a long time ago. Currently, he is the treasurer of the NADA working committee. Uprety is primarily involved in trade and manufacture of wheels and lube in the Nepali market. To know more about the business and industry of wheels and lube we present an interview with Mr. Uprety.

How is the current trade status of wheels and lube in Nepal?  

In comparison with earlier years, it is going well. Now many companies manufacture wheels, tube, lube, spare and many other vehicle accessories.  

Since the tyres carry a very significant role in automobiles but also there is no harm in this sector, what could be the reason behind this?  

History clearly states that the development of human and tyres took place in the same period. The small profit margin is not allowing this sector to gain a charm. It is hard to survive for those companies who have fewer profit margins. Likewise, there are very few companies in Nepal that manufacture tyres. Earlier the government had Gorkhali Rubber Industry.

Similarly, there is still a tire industry in Biratnagar. Now gradually the glamour towards the sector will increase. If the government allows us, then we can establish a multinational tire company in Nepal. I have researched a lot regarding these things.

You have been working for a long time but why are you still unsuccessful to run the industry, what are the challenges to run the business?  

The first thing that is making me unsuccessful in operating the tire industry in Nepal is the government’s nuclear policy. We are small businesspersons we can’t invest a significant amount of money without any guarantees. There are many people around us interested in investing in this field. But the thing is government does not have any policy that safeguards the financial investments, social security and among others.

  If the government creates a proper environment, then we can earn many international investors for this sector. I have already asked the government to hand over Gorkhlai Tyre to me. If the Gorkhali Tyre will be operated by following PPP model we can give an employment opportunity to more than 500 people.    

Usually, an ordinary people care a lot about cars, but they are unaware or clueless about wheels, spare parts, lubricant, and other stuff, so to overcome this condition what kind of steps or plans you have sketched in Auto Show?

 The importance of wheels and lubricants can be realized only after buying the vehicle. Of course, people care a lot about cars. But I don’t think that people are unaware of our services, my experience tells them too notice about these things. There are many lubricants available on the market, but we have been alerting people to use grease and wheels that give a strong performance.  


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