Interview with The Locus-2019 Coordinator Subash Ghimire

Coordinator at LOCUS 2019 Subash Ghimire

Locus, a national technological festival organized by students from Pulchowk Campus has been providing opportunities for students all over Nepal to grow in the technical field with competitive programs.

Interview with the Locus-2019 coordinator Subash Ghimire is presented below.

What is Locus?

Locus is a pot, basically, a platform that brings together technological minds. It brings people devoted to the field of technology together and provides them with the opportunity to present their ideas and improve their skills. It shows what we can create, what has been designed and what can be produced.

What separates Locus from other similar clubs in Nepal?

Locus is the mother among all other clubs. Sixteen years ago, in 2003, thinking and organizing such a huge event wasn’t to be considered of in Nepal. Pulchowk Central Campus has all the infrastructures, devoted faculty members that are necessary to bring together such an event, so other public and private colleges learned from Locus.

How much has Locus, as a committee grown over the years?

It started with three members in 2003, the following electrical department was added to the event. It began as a platform to show the final year project and later began to provide training, conducting workshops, organizing pre-events and now hosting the biggest technological festival in Nepal.

Locus has been able to maintain high standards for over a decade, to whom does the credit go?

The faculty members in Pulchowk campus, infrastructures of Pulchowk, a committee over the years, interactive students within the college and all the visitors, participants get the credit for the success of Locus.

Do you think Locus has been able to provide a perfect platform to the idea seeking minds of the country?

Still not. We are still learning and developing. We still lack stability within us. However, starting from this year, we’ve gone into an organizational structure, so we hope we will start off getting disciplined in the way we act.

How much of an impact does Locus have on the development of technical students/society?

In the context of Nepal, the harsh conditions hamper the use of technology in day to day life. Many of us aren’t even aware of what new ideas have come into the world. Students limit YouTube and the internet for entertainment. The course that we are taught is limited to theories. The laziness from both sides in the educational system has caused limited innovations and ideas. So, we plan to create a society with bold students, that try new things even if it doesn’t produce the outcome they seek.

Is there anything about Locus-2019 that you would like to highlight?

Our mission is to involve a different circle of people. We are organizing RoboLocus, which is a robotics competition for +2 level students. Children in technology is another event that includes school level students. We mainly focused on governmental schools as the private schools have better infrastructures for the students. We hope to achieve parallel development by organizing such events. Likewise, events like Dronacharya, RoboWars, Project Competition, Hack-a-Week, Energy Hackathon, Code camp have provided the students from engineering or IT background to develop their skills.

Anything that you would like to say to the upcoming generations of Nepal to grow technically?

“Nepal lacks the environment to prosper” this thinking has limited everyone to the surface of technological development. Nepal is an open field, any crop you plant will surely provide the result. It will undoubtedly take time since evolution is a lengthy process. But sticking to the surface and blaming the situation of the country won’t help. So, try to do new things, try to learn, we will always try to provide the help needed.

Visit Locus-2019 on Magh 24,25,26 at Pulchowk Campus.

To know more about Locus and its events visit Locus’s website.


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