Interview with Tootle founder

Imagine if you could put someone in your empty bike seat and can earn some money from doing so. It may sound very new and exciting to you, but from now onwards you can make some money by putting someone in your empty bike seat. Tootle is here to make this happen. Sixit is a Tech entrepreneur, Co-founder/ CEO at tootle, the ridesharing application from Nepal. Sixit is a graduate in engineering with a major in electronics and communication. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, with gold medals awarded by Prime Minister and President of Nepal for Educational Excellence. 

To know more about Tootle, we present an interview session with Sixit Bhatta.

Currently, what are you busy?

We are trying to do lots of things in Tootle. Since the demand and users of Tootle are increasing an everyday lot of responsibilities, have emerged to the whole company. At present, I am swamped with making Tootle better.

How you began the journey of entrepreneurship?

Well, I had never thought of doing entrepreneurship during my school or college days. I came from an engineering and MBA background. In 2002 after being graduated in electronic and communication engineering, I worked in the telecom sector for seven years. Likewise, I also completed my MBA degree while working in the telecom sector. Then I started working in banks, around for four years I worked in a bank. While working with another company, I found that it is tough to explore your skill and knowledge in a place where you are only an employ. The realization pushed me towards entrepreneurship.

How the idea of Tootle sparked?

In 2013 when I left the job, I started involving in various projects related to education and startup. At that time, I along with my team had started a new kind of project related to knowledge, but it went unsuccessful. After the end of that unsuccessful project, I was entirely in a leisure period. One the day when I was sitting all alone doing nothing the idea of Tootle came. I believe that the concept of Tootle came entirely out of boredom.

How challenging was it to start Tootle?

To form a team for Tootle was the biggest challenge. At present, there are only very few Nepali youths who are optimistic towards making a career in Nepal. We formed our team by gathering fresh graduates. It took a long time to build up a team. Here in Nepal, there is still no proper environment for a startup. We have to put a massive effort even for a small thing.

How is the present status of Tootle?

When we began Tootle, it was a new concept in Nepal. There was nothing like Tootle, where you can put someone in your empty bike seats and can earn some money. It took us a long time to set up a Tootle culture. But at present every day we are getting around two thousand rides. Last year we managed to provide four lhaks trip. Overall we are satisfied with our status.

 About Tootle

Tootle is a ride-sharing app within Kathmandu valley that connects people who are seeking for a ride with people who are interested in sharing their ride in two-wheelers.

Tootle app assist you to book the easiest and fastest ride available, avoiding wait time, unlike public transportation. Download the app now and get a ride to your destination.

Booking your Tootle ride is easy – here’s how:

-Turn on your GPS > Open the app > Set your pick up and drop off location.
– Your partner will be notified of your pick up area.
– Get instant confirmation with trip details.
– Choose your payment method (Tootle balance or cash)
– Track your partner in real time.
– After the ride is complete, don’t forget to rate your partner.

Added Benefit of using Tootle:

– Gender preference to ensure comfort riding.
– Real-time monitoring of your ride.
– Safety SMS to allow your loved ones to track your journey.

Tootle takes the fare of Rs. 60 for the first three kilometers. For every additional kilometer after that the charge is Rs. 18. The fare breakdown is a little expensive compared to the public vehicle but inexpensive compared to taxis. When you travel on public transportation in Kathmandu, the rate up to 4km is Rs.13. Likewise; the price for distances greater than 19 Kilometers is Rs.24. Similarly, in a taxi, the fare is Rs.35 per Kilometer.


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