mahabir pun

As per the statement issued by National Innovation Center (NIC), Mahabir Pun, Founder of NIC is traveling to different cities of Canada and America in September and is planning for interaction program regarding the development of NIC.

Recently Pun had kept all his awards and medals in sales as NIC started suffering from the financial issue. Though it performs a lot of innovative works regarding science and technology the government is reluctant to provide funding.

The statement issued by NIC has mentioned three reasons that are leading the country towards underdevelopment.

  • Failure in addressing the skilled and creative workforce of the nation.
  • I am not able to prioritize the field of science and technology.
  • No proper support for productive industry and lacks right policies.

NIC is running a great, excellent campaign for the development of science and technology in Nepal. Their starting point is Rs. Fifty million which will produce electricity from 10 to 15W. So the income from hydropower will operationally run “National Innovation Center.”

Recently the NIC has made a bacterial proof filter, an online shopping platform and now they are also working in increasing battery capacity of E- Rickshaw. Likewise, the center is also researching in various sectors of agriculture and the environment.

One of the main motives of the center is to create job opportunity in the nation. The center has been providing financial and material support to all those who are willing to research in science and technology sector. The center at present is engaged in more than half dozen of research.

The center yet does not have its building and lab; it is running its entire project under rented rooms. In support of Trivuwan University, the building for the center is being built. Pun believes that once they have their structure, they will be able to engage in other big projects.


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