Name: iOs the best mobile platform

Release date: 29-07-2007

Founder: Steven paul jobs

 Country: USA

Industry: technology

 Company: Apple inc


 Apple Inc. Has distributed a mobile operating system iOs. It was lunched in 2007 in Official operating system of Iphone named OSX which ran in Apple Macbook. After that it is called iOs. Now it is released in everything Iphone, ipod Touch, Ipad and in Apple TV.

It is also used in Apple devices restricted fior other devices. There are more than 900000 application  in Apple store and these are downloaded for more than 50 billion times between 2012. The user interface is on the basis of direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures such as Pinch, swipe, reverse pinch and tab. All these devices have their own particular definition. It is used for common operation of for changing the screen. These iOs are updated regularly and this must released on itunes from where we can easily download.

The home screen is also called Spring board displays which gives dock at the button where you can pin your favourite icon. The screen has status bar which shows the battery power, service provider, signal strength etc on the top. The home button is on the middle of the screen and is used to return home page.

There is a spotlight search function which is used in Iphone 3G. This allows the user for reminder, message, contact by entering the keyword. You may also set background image. The new feature which is added and that is control center which allows access many option like WiFi, clock. Airplane mode etc. for more home page.

You ,may create folder in iOs 4 which allows you to store many apps, there are amany  default apps which cannot use. You can fixed utilities folder their. There is also the function of muliti tasking which allowed for music, video to play. The paneromagraphy is used for photo and video. You may also the browser safari.

Siri is also updayed in iOs 7 which is personal assistant software, brings information to you. iOs 4 has also updated which allows the user to invite friends, play multiplayer games and high scores. There are more than 400 million devices which are using iOs.

It is very important to note that Steve jobs has registered third party but there are more than 18 billiuons download in the apples store. It makes mobile company easier day by day.