Routers are easy to set up and are reliable as drug store. Google has brought new Wifi router.

OnHub looks good and it’s the selling point. It has black body like the kind of Echo and Amazon virtual assistance Gadget. Google’s On hub designed so pretty but most of the people do not consider aesthetic while buying Wifi router.

We must keep our router on the floor but it does not work well. Google product manager said that we replaced blinking light and unruly cords with internal antennas and subtle and its our pleased to place OnHub. It prefers best in out or in open. It get good signal besides its good looking. Some features of OnHub are pointed below:

You ac control the router with Google on which works only on Android and Iphone.

It didn’t require particular laptop or PCs to fix the trouble.

There is only one light which display two colors: green color means ok and orange represents something wrong.

It has the fastest connection with the best channels.

It avoid interference.

It also connect with other device with blue tooth.

Google on will show you the bandwidth and you can set specific device to access the fastest speed. You may easily share password with other people.

Wuellner says that it automatically get updated and it is hoped that this hub will become the main hub for wireless devices. You may ordered through Amazon, Wal-mart and Google store. You may also find on sales store of Canada and US.

It cost is only $200.