IPO Result Website

28 March 2021, Kathmandu

The increment of people investing in shares is increasing promptly in Nepalese society. In today’s context, everyone is very curious and interested in the share market.

Thousands of Demat accounts are opened every day. According to the most recent survey, over 39,58,000 people have already opened a Demat account.

Today, Jyoti Life Insurance Limited shares were issued. At this time, stockholders are trying to see whether or not they have obtained the shares. However, it is difficult to see the results.

So far, no data is available on the CDSC website for viewing stock results. However, we can see the results of the IPO through meroshare account. But this website is slow due to a large number of users.

Investors are also trying to see the result of the stock through the website of NMB Capital.

On the other hand, NMB Capital’s website is no longer operational. According to sources, NMB’s website was shut down due to late payment to the web hosting company.

Wherever we try to open the company’s website, messages like ‘This account has been suspended’ appeared on the screen.

One of the experts said that such messages appear if you do not pay the hosting company or do not renew the domain name.


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