Now You Can Open an Account at NMB Bank Through Viber

14th May 2020, Kathmandu

NMB Bank Ltd is evolving with its audience and this time, they adapt to Viber!

You can now open your NMB Bank account through Viber by simply chatting with the Bank’s Viber account. Easy as that.

The new service by the bank is a fresh kind of innovative move. Moreover, NMB is the first bank in Nepal to experiment with Viber in the banking industry.

Not just that, the bank was quick to adapt to its audience and market before as well. Previously, they made the same service available through Facebook’s Messenger.

The Era of Smart Banking

The now-famous pandemic is in no condition to ease and social distancing is at a greater need than ever before. In a recent press release, the bank openly expressed that this service is one of the many initiatives lined up for the times ahead.

The idea of smart banking is to create an environment for the customers to feel easy and comfortable with the services while also ensuring safety and security.

A series of wonderful innovation

Just like the smartphone companies bring new features and innovations to grab our attention, NMB bank is also reading itself to amaze us, customers.

‘The launch of Account Opening Service via Viber Messaging and Facebook Messenger marks the beginning of a series of innovative and convenient products and services.’ the bank’s statement proudly reads.

 NMB Bank Facebook Page

Source: NMB Bank Facebook Page

The bank and its team are designing these services and products to truly enhance the banking experience of its customers.

Get started with the NMB Bank’s Viber Messaging right here.

Right Gesture at the right time

Businesses need to leverage at the right time with the right service. NMB Bank did just that with the Viber and Messenger Services. In fact, this service will help customers to conduct banking transactions without having to compromise their safety.

Right now while the cases of coronavirus are rising in Nepal, safety is a big concern. We feel that the bank’s approach with Viber and Messenger service is much appreciated.


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