There are many scope and opportunities in the IT field. It’s a new, emerging and exciting path. This is the field where their is the shortage of human resource. There are many opportunities for IT specialist like as in corporate, health organization, software industries, Financial institution etc.

There are many prospects of IT carrier like system engineer, System administrator, animator, database administrator, hardware engineer, network security, specialist, and many more. Another sector like animation, game developing and outsourcing can be job sector for its graduate.

  1. System Administrator:

The system administrator manages IT resources like a server, PC, backups, internet, network, security, etc.

They have many job opportunities in NGO, INGO, ISP, Software companies, School, College, etc. There is some certification which required for System administrators such as RHCE, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, and MCSE.

  1. System Analyst:

The feasibility study of a system is a known system analyst. System analyst usually fulfills the software requirement as the demand for the stakeholder. Their main job is to research the trouble factor, plans the solution, recommend software and system, coordinates development. They also assist the programmer which would be better for their resolution.

3.  Project Manager

The main work of the project manager is to manage the assigned projects and coordinates with the clients. It mange the development team and distribute project in their respective fields. It gives the right way to the project.

4.  Mobile Application Developer

It’s the fastest growing carrier for mobile apps developer. They must change the way to communicate, to do business, access news and entertainments. There is a massive demand for an application developer for IOS and Android.

  1. Software Developer

Their main job is to develop the software. Software developer must have the good programming skills. They also have problem solving ideas and analytical skills. They must have to pick any of the development platform among them such as VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB), Java Delphi, Oracle business intelligence.

6.  Web Developer

Web developer develops the websites as well as web application. They have to choose the platform among them such as PHP, ASP.NET, ASP,JSP, Perl, Ruby on Rails. PHP is a development platform. Web Developer must be expertise in Popular Open source software like Joomla, word press, Drupal, Magneto etc. They also be expert in Open source Software and Frameworks.

  1. Web Designer

Web Designer design the website.

They must have the knowledge of Photoshop/Frameworks, HTML, CSS, java Script, JQery, etc. so that they can attract websites and interfaces.

  1. Database Developer

They must have the knowledge of database design, SQL etc.  It is used for creating software, websites and web applications. They must follow the database systems like  Oracle, MS-SQL etc.

  1. Quality Assurance(QA):

It analyse the quality of the software and web apps. Quality assurance has the different testing techniques for designing test cases and performing tests.

10.  Contents writer:

Technical writer creates documentation of web application and software. They used to write user manuals along with the writing PRs, Video Script and others.

  1. Ethical Hackers:

Ethical hackers protect networks from attacks by others non-ethical hacker. They have the skill of protections. They secure that the system is built fare walled, security protocols are placed right and save from others viruses.

  1. Technical Recruiter:

They must have the ability to distinguish, examine, interview and evaluate candidates for IT positions. They should present resume to hiring mangers for which level their requirement fulfills, their job positions, is the candidate suitable for this position or not? Technical Recruiter creates job descriptions review, Technical jobs requirements research, new technology etc.

  1. User Experience Designer

UX Designer show up analytical as well as creative ideas to design engagement. They should execute interaction execute design and visualize design. The user should research design trends and technology trends and that should collaborate on user experience.

  1. Data Scientist:

Data Scientist explores and examines data from everywhere and provide them the competitive advantage and recommends the possible way to apply for.

  1. SEO Expert:

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps in ranking to come soon in google page; SEO considers how a search engine works?

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