Shilan Titaju, a Web Developer at Midas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and IT student. We had some interaction with him. Let’s see what we found.


1. Give a short introduction about yourself and your study.

I am Shilan Titaju. I live in Bhaktapur, Suryabinayak municipality. I have been studying B.Sc CSIT at Amrit Science Campus, Lainchaur. B.Sc CSIT is a four years course that provides essential to advanced knowledge of Information Technology being developed around the world. It provides students with the best experience of hardware and software. Today’s Information Technology revolves around the web, and this course has been designed in such a way that students gain the up to date knowledge of the internet. In general, students can increase understanding of web, network, and database in full swing.

2. What were your expectations before joining IT from this university?

Well, I was a bit interested in the IT sector for a long time ago. I had a significant interest in web applications development. This was my huge expectation.

3. You are from government campus. What do you feel about this? Any pros or cons?

The cons of government campus eclipse the pros. There is no well-equipped computer lab. As I know, private campuses have well-equipped lab and personnel as well. We lack both lab materials and staff too. Government campus can no more compete with the closed school at least in the field of IT.

4. Is your course meeting your expectations?

Yes, the course is well designed and suited to bachelor level students. One can gain sufficient knowledge about the software and hardware devices. Even there are many course electives that students can choose from to meet their desire. Just saying, the course has enough subjects to choose from to meet our expectation, but colleges have not enough teachers to teach issues of a particular choice of items.

5. Is it possible to work along with the study? How is it possible?

Yes, it is possible if you are from a government campus. The class starts in the morning, and you can work in the daytime. You can read in the evening and at night.

6. Is your course meeting the requirements that your job provider company wants?

No. The course is meeting requirement for an internship only not jobs. For jobs, you must either rely on government exams or show your best in placements.

7. How is the future of IT in this country?

Everything depends on the budget the country can allocate to IT sector. If you compare the budget allocated to the IT sector in the US and Nepal, you will get the answer. This country has the workforce enough to emerge as a vast IT nation. You can not expect a ripe fruit without providing the tree best environmental conditions.

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