How many of your family member and friends mobile number are you sure of ?

digital world

This ques is raised because we are nowadays being dependent upon electronic devices even for these kinds of small things that we need to remember by our self.

Now the issue is being raised that students should get to use Google during the exams as well and this has started to become a topic for a serious debate. So the question arises.

Is digital Technology decreasing people’s power of thinking ?

Some years back the issue of use of calculation also created such debate. And now calculator is being used in every sector of education and even in the exams.

But when the question arise that student should get to use the internet during exams there was a huge confusion and big debate. Even in the exams of foreign language the use of dictionary had created a debate.

But the use of dictionary during exams was prohibited. However the prohibition has benefited the talented students. Therefore there is no unity among the people for the agreement.

Change in mind : Even if the student is given the freedom to surf the internet to find the answer for his/her questions, he/she wont have the time to make a good answer from the searches. They will only have the power of information in their hands.

Then the students wont need to remember anything but just have the skill to copy and paste and edit those information. But according to the scientists, due to the use of the brain we have been able to evolve this much.

A study done on a taxi driver showed that the his habit of doing his work himself has developed the grey matter in the brain. According to the scientist, digital technology have started shrinking the brain of people.

The fact that people don’t need to remember much has decrease the exercise needed to our brain.

Therefore, scientists have suggested that one should remember and use their brain to perform activities rather than depending upon digital devices for the complete development of their brain .