IT Meetup V.8.0 Highlights Tech Student Innovations

Subsuming the experiences from the last seven IT MEET, Department Of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE), Kathmandu University is proud to announce IT MEET v8.0. On 28-29 December, located at Kathmandu University. It is a series of conventions and events that celebrate the current IT Market Of Nepal and rewards student bodies in this field through various activities. Often the debate polarizes between the importance of practical and theoretical knowledge. IT MEET blends together the practical and educational aspects of information technology. The core organizers of the IT MEET comprises of the students of 4th year and members of Kathmandu University Computer Club. They have more than 20 events ranging from a 40-hour codes marathon (Hackathon) to the most excited gaming competitions. Undergraduate students in IT are our target audience. IT MEET is a mecca for IT geeks, and they are expecting no less than 10,000 IT geeks this year as well. Following the theme, Digitize-Innovate-Lead, they aim to digitize their event through their innovation to lead to becoming the best student event in Nepal.

Starting from IT MEET v8.0, IT MEET seeks to provide a Smart KU experience through electronic registrations, online voting and other IoT applications for all participants. To acknowledge the talents which are among the IT students, They are organizing an “IT MEET v8.0: Best College Of The IT MEET “. Competition will be point based on where every college will gain points after they win each event. The college with the highest points on an average will be declared the “Best College Of IT MEET.”

There were six episodes of pre-events, which were organized during November and December as a promotion of IT MEET. The pre-events were held in the top IT Colleges of Nepal. Pre-events mainly included Workshops on the most exciting topics on IT fields like Machine Learning and Cloud.

For IT MEET v8.0 their gold sponsors are (Leapfrog, LIS Nepal, Nepal Telecommunication Authority and Nepal SBI Bank), silver sponsors (Insight Workshop and CityTech), bronze sponsors (Fuse Machines, GrowByData, Cynical, Sunway Business College and Nepal Encounters), our Media Partner (Republica), SMS Partner (Sparrow SMS), gift partner (ITTI), Career Partner (KEIV Technologies), ISP Partner (Worldlink), Entertainment Partner (Paracosma), Radio Partner (Prime FM), Gaming Partner (C9 and Kunyo) and Pick And Drop Partner. Now, it’s all up to their team to make this IT MEET a grand success.


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