Campus Director for Hult Prize PU Sudarshan GC

Hult Prize 2018 Challenge all over the Globe. Harnessing the Power of Energy To Transform The Lives Of 10 Million People. Interview with Campus Director for Hult Prize PU, Sudarshan GC.

What is the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize is the world’s most significant student competition and start-up platform for social good. In partnership with the United Nations and former President Bill Clinton, this innovative crowdsourcing platform identifies & launches disruptive and catalytic social ventures that aim to solve the planet’s most pressing threats. Student teams compete around the globe for a chance to secure US$1 million in start-up funding to launch a sustainable social venture. The 2019 Hult Prize will focus on the burning social problem of youth unemployment. On the course of the event, all participants should pitch their idea of providing 10,000 jobs in a decade.

Competing in Hult Prize is easy

What is Hult Prize Purbanchal University?

It is the first on-campus event of Hult Prize to be held on Purbanchal University at Southwestern State College. It is a quarterfinal competition for Hult Prize where only 20 teams will get chance to pitch their ideas in front of experienced judges in 2 phases. Forty-three teams are already registered, but due to the time limitation, screening of the views is going on to choose the top 20 ideas among 43 ideas by their applications. Only 6 minutes will be given for each team for pitching. A winning team can get an opportunity to go to a regional.

How is the necessary preparation for the event going on?

We are ready for the event with much excitements. We have tried to include ideas which can disrupt different fields like agriculture, tourism, transportation, communication, music, etc. To ensure the perfect judging, we have invited judges who have established themselves as the top entrepreneurs of Nepal. If you have an ideal model to generate enough jobs, you can still apply at-   We also invite our well-wishers to the event. We won’t make anyone feel that it is the first time we are organizing the Hult Prize event.

What are the criteria for judging the idea?

 Ideas are judged by the scoreboard provided by Hult Prize Foundation. Best ideas should possess characteristics like sustainability, profitability, feasibility and market-driven, disruptiveness and scalability.

How will it impact Nepal and Nepali students?

In countries like Nepal where the significant problems are labor drain and brain drain, this competition unites all the university level students to fight for their problems.  Also, it is the best opportunity to represent Nepal in international competition.

Lastly, this event will help all the Purbanchal University’s students to prove who they are and what they can generate. I wish them good luck for the competition.


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