Tell us about your Background

Residing in Melbourne VIC Australia since last six years. A recent accounting graduate from Federation University Australia. Managing Director of Himalayas Cleaning Services. Himalayas Cleaning Services is a Professional Cleaning Company operated throughout Victoria in Australia.

IT Personality

Have you heard about IT Park in Nepal? What is your Verdict?

 Yes, IT Park in Banepa built around a decade ago has failed to yield desired fruit.  The sector is one of the most neglected one by the government.


 Why you leave the Motherland?

There could be several reasons to leave motherland but my main aim is to pursue a quality education from Australian university and rescue my family from poverty in Nepal.

Any Benefit to Nepal to open the Company in abroad?

Obviously greater income and building a Nepalese brand is a significant overseas. Opportunity of employment for Nepalese as well as contribution on National income. 

Tell us the relationship between IT and your Cleaning Company!

It plays a vital role for my cleaning company. 

SEO helps to bring up my company in the first page so that people looking for cleaning services can get in touch with us for professional cleaning services.

IT also contributes in customer relationship management and inventory management. It also helps to set up an instant access to the databases such as customer’s derails and the service provided last time and the price charged.

Do you have your Company Webpage?

Yeah we have our company webpage is

Are your doing any promotion things for your webpage, and who is the person currently doing this?

Prakash Khatiwada is the man be hid my promotion as he is the senior SEO specialist in Nepal.

Your Best Search Engine and Why?

Google. it simply provides the necessary information that is required instantly and some relevant suggestions.

What is your Best Gadgets?

Facebook, Google Chrome and some other Australian Bank gadgets.

Tell us something about your Hidden Secret

Not much hidden secret in life and haven’t thought about that. To be honest I tend to save money but spend too much…