Joker Billing Fraud
Joker Billing Fraud

24th July 2021, Kathmandu

Firstly we know that Joker Malware is a Trojan Malware that secretly enters a user’s device through an infected application.

The joker malware is mostly infected in apps it has been removed from the Playstore, they can still cause damage if they remain on the user’s phone. The user is careful and immediately deletes the Joker Malware apps to get rid of the Malware from their device.  the joker malware has eight applications that are spotted with joker malware such as Auxiliary message, Fast magic SMS, Free Cam scanner, super message, Element scanner, go message, travel wallpaper, and super SMS.

The Android apps along with malicious harboring the Joker malware have been found in the Google Play Store. Nowadays the worldwide using Google’s Play Store and the goggle play store recently became home to a number of apps infected by the popular Joker malware yet again as an invention by a California-based IT security company called Zscaler.

From Zscaler’s  ThreatLabz and the cybersecurity said that on Tuesday the entire of 11 apps was recently discovered and located to be “day by day (regularly)it has been uploaded” to the authoritative (official ) app repository, accounting for approximately 30,000 installs between them. The joker malware family well-known variant that targets compromising android devices.  That type of specific malware Very carefully sneaks into an Android user’s device using various applications that collect data without permission.

the “Joker” malware is designed to spy on its victim– it secretly collects data without a user’s consent. it has Private data like SMS, OTPs, phone database, passwords, and others are gathered without user knowledge. it steals information from its victims’ devices through the contact list, SMS messages, and device info.

The two old and new variants of Joker have been detected in recent months.  the URL shortener tactic was also used to download and execute second and final-stage payloads in a second case. The  Popular Google play store takes malicious app reports seriously and, such as in this case, rapidly removed the offending Joker apps from Google Play.


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