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25th April 2021, Kathmandu

Tech bloggers forum Nepal in association with Kaha App developed by Masovison Technology is all set to organize the Interaction Sessions on 2nd May 2021 (Sunday).

Kaha (Your Location Partner)

Kaha or ‘Where?’ – a simple concept, yet so difficult to grasp.

While the question is a gap, the Kaha app is the bridge that aims to narrow it.

Take a look back in the memory lane and ask yourself, “how many times have people rang you just to ask your exact location?”

Take an example of online delivery. Most eCommerce apps require GPS locations to be on and yet you won’t find the delivery person knocking at your door without ringing you first.

This still happens even if you have your house number and street address.

But why is it that most businesses, shops, companies, schools, restaurants, and so on do not use their full address?

On top of that, many streets or localities in Nepal have a similar name, if not the same.

That leads to confusion, which leads to delay, which then leads back to the ultimate question where?

What is Kaha?

Kaha is a platform designed with an idea to solve the unbending gap that exists between ‘from’ and ‘to’.

Saving both your money and time in an attempt to reduce this gap is what Kaha stands for.

It is a solution to manage and foster your convenience.

For this concept of serving you, the Kaha app comes in two variants:

  • for personal use
  • for business use

How can I use the Kaha app for my personal tasks?

Imagine you have invited your friend over and he has never been to your house before. All you would need to do is generate a tag from the Kaha app.

The tag would contain your exact location and time that you want him to come over.

Our capable team of developers has also addressed your security concerns with sharing your confidential data.

The location tag you would be generating is temporary, which means you can generate a new one whenever you want.

As we don’t want your private data to be misused, you have the control to share your location with individuals that you trust.

Also, you can set up a timer by choosing to use the time validity option so that your location tag expires after a certain period of time.

How can I use the Kaha app for my business tasks?

Suppose you own an online store. You want your location to be public so that people can visit your store if required.

You would also want to simplify your delivery process by automatically collecting the customer’s location.

That’s where the use of the Kaha app comes in.

As a business, you would need a permanent tag as temporary tags expire after a set period of time.

On the other hand, your delivery process will become smoother as you collect your customer’s location tag.

The best part? The application of this app is highly scalable.

From restaurants and online stores to Ward Office and Ambulance service, this app can serve any type of business, organization, and company.

Why use Kaha?

  • Location tags to pinpoint your exact location
  • Generate tags with location and timing detail with one-click
  • Secure sharing of tags that require your permission
  • No more delays due to confusion and uncertainty
  • Notification on arrival

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