Kaha App's Sampada

13th January 2024, Kathmandu

“Kaha App’s Sampada Initiative: Pioneering Digital Preservation and Promotion of Nepal’s Rich Heritage for a Sustainable Future”

Nepal is a nation of diverse cultures, religions, languages, and ethnicities, encompassing a rich geographical and ethnographic diversity. It boasts a proud history of civilization, with treasures dating back centuries, surpassing the geographical boundaries cherished by our current society.

Monuments, footpaths, courtyards, traditional crossroads, temples, mosques, stone spouts, ponds, forts, pillars, palaces, stupas, and monasteries – ranging from small to large, ancient to modern, adorn any cities, villages, towns, and corners of Nepal. These assets form our identity, and our legacy, preserving the essence of our religious, social, cultural, and historical significance. They unite us in the tapestry of diversity.

Despite being a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic nation, we embrace and respect the existence of diversity, holding our heritage in strong unity. These assets not only define us but also support our vibrant existence. They proudly represent the essence of being Nepali on the global stage.

However, the changing tides of time pose challenges to the environment in which these assets are currently being preserved. Our heritage is being threatened, eroded, and at times, lost. Every day, we witness a diminishing proximity to these assets, indicating a fading existence.

Kaha App’s Sampada Initiative

Looking ahead, if we do not take proactive measures, we risk becoming a nation devoid of heritage, and being heritage-less means diluting our civilization and losing our distinct identity as a country. Losing our identity is a crisis. A nation with a glorious history requires vigilant and aware citizens to prevent such a situation from arising.

Recognizing this, we have undertaken a comprehensive initiative to raise awareness and contribute to the collection, preservation, and promotion of our religious, social, cultural, historical, and significant assets through the medium of information and technology. The “Sampada” initiative of the Kaha App facilitates this process efficiently.

Within the Sampada initiative of the Kaha App, users can experience a multitude of features designed to enhance their interaction with heritage assets. This includes content verified from authentic sources to ensure reliability, the availability of information in multiple languages for increased inclusivity, accessibility through text-to-audio conversion, and a comprehensive visual understanding facilitated by photos, videos, and a 360-degree view. In addition, users can engage with the community through in-app chat features, seamlessly locate and navigate to heritage sites with in-app location sharing and navigation, stay informed about updates through in-app notice boards, and simplify information sharing through QR generation and KahaTAGs.

By documenting the details of our assets through digital means, we can store and safeguard them at a minimal cost. With our cultural heritage at the forefront and the information gathered from knowledgeable individuals, we can formulate timely plans for protection and holistic development, resulting in various other economic benefits.

Remember, asset conservation is not just about preserving history; it ensures a prosperous future. It is a crucial responsibility of any responsible and informed Nepalese citizen. As such, the Sampada initiative of Kaha App is the responsibly informed commitment of Masovison Technology for the digital preservation and promotion of Nepalese heritage.


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