NCIT Hackfest

12th January 2024, Kathmandu

The highly anticipated NCIT Hackfest 2024 is quickly approaching, and the Nepal Open Source Klub (NOSK) is preparing an incredible exhibition of creativity and devotion. The countdown has started. This hackfest, scheduled at the NCIT College Balkumari Lalitpur premises on January 11 to 13, 2024, promises to be an exciting 72-hour spectacle.

The stage is prepared for a dramatic clash of ideas and expertise, with an anticipated participation of 180 people and 45+ teams. This hackfest isn’t just about coding; it’s a meeting place for innovators in four fields: artificial intelligence, IoT research, mobile app development, and web app development.

This event is unique in that it emphasizes practical applications. Participants will explore environmental sustainability, e-governance, health, and education topics. These categories will give bright minds a place to think like there’s no box and challenge themselves to create unique solutions to coexisting societal problems.

A strong roster of partners and sponsors supports this historic occasion, each providing specialized knowledge to feed the innovation engine. To supply the required resources and assistance for this hackfest, Kathmandu Infotech, Suvaye Technology, Broadway Infosys, Skill Training Nepal, Leo Club of Kathmandu Gulmohar Tycoon,, and Codroid Hub have teamed together.

The excitement for the ground-breaking concepts and solutions resulting from this assembly of brilliant minds grows closer to the event. Beyond just a tech gathering, the NCIT Hackfest 2024 is a shining example of teamwork, creativity, and the unwavering quest for advancement.

This hack fest is highly anticipated by all NCITIANs, aspiring developers, and anyone passionate about using technology to shape a better future. Follow NOSK for live updates as NCIT Hackfest 2024 looks to be an incredible, limitless experience of creativity.

At the NCIT Hackfest 2024, the Nepal Open Source Klub(NOSK) welcomes you to witness the emergence of ground-breaking concepts and technological marvels with its valued partners and sponsors. Prepare for an occasion likely to break previous records for creativity and teamwork.


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