KDI School Distance Learning Seminar Series, Nirajan Parajuli

 KDI School is launching a blended learning program together with the Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN). The KDI School was established with a mission to produce international experts with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of development economics and public policy and to foster future leaders who can cope with the rapidly changing international environment and exercise global leadership in every sector of society.
GDLN affiliates design customized learning solution for those working in development to promote more flexible, interactive and sustainable knowledge sharing and experience exchange among thousands of peers and practitioners around the world. KDL School aims to connect with policymakers and related institutions of development and enrich development cooperation.
They registered to GDLN distance learning seminar series and availed the opportunity to enhance Nepal’s infrastructure.
Knowledge sharing details as follows :
1. Overview of Korea’s infrastructure development: June 8, 2016
2. Korean PPP system and case study: June 15, 2016
3. Economic analysis and economic projects: July 21, 2016
4. Construction on High-speed rail in Korea: Aug 4, 2016
5. Establishment of Intelligent Transport System (ITS): Aug 18, 2016
6. Nangido Eco park restoration from waste Dumping Site: Sep 2, 2016
7. Lesson presentation by each DLC: Sep 21, 2016
Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) is a local host for this Seminar in Nepal.
Venue : Prime college
For more details: Contact to Mr. Nirajan Parajuli email at [email protected]