Learn To Build Cyber Security Awareness Program

Nepali American Diaspora groups of Professional would like to conduct a Seminar on Cyber Security Awareness in many parts of Nepal.  They have successfully attended Cyber Security Awareness seminars in Nepal since October 2015 and continue to advise the Department of Nepal Police, leaders, ministers, lawmakers, college students, and local stakeholders.

Cyber Security Institute is a non-profit organization which can provide the basic and advance information about the Cyber Security Awareness to governmental, financial and private sector entities.  Our team can emphasize all the vulnerabilities that exist in your industries that can be easily breached by cyber intruders.

In conclusion, CSI Cyber Security Awareness Seminar is designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge of security issues to create an appropriate posture of caution for everyone.  Security awareness is needed for every business.

Our Awareness program will provide a baseline of knowledge and best practices for every member of an organization and drives home the importance of security. At the end of the course, a certificate of completion will be provided.  They hope to provide this essential service to Nepal and Nepali people to reduce the threat of virus, cyber attack.