KMC To Implement Smart Parking In New Road From Nepali New Year

Kathmandu Metropolitan City to Build Smart Parking

If anyone from Kathmandu Valley goes to Newroad and the surrounding area, everyone is worried about – Where would you park? Since there is a lack of adequately managed parking system in the country’s leading business center, which is a dense settlement, with limited open space and probably the most crowded area. Kathmandu Metropolitan city officers said that the people do not need to worry about parking in these areas from now on.

Starting from new year’s day, Smart Parking will begin, and the preparations are in the last phase for Smart Parking at Newroad at five different places.

The Metropolitan city in collaboration with Wheels Truly Yours Pvt. Ltd is going to launch Smart Parking behind Rameshwar Mithai Pasal of New-road, in front of Bishal Bazar on the way Indrachowk road, Dharma path, Pako and RB Complex.

Once this plan is ready, users can see whether the parking space is available or not from their mobile phone. If the place is empty, users can book the spot for parking. For this, users will need to schedule an appropriate location by looking at what place is vacant in Real Time from their mobile phones.

Information Technology Engineer of Wheels Truly Yours Pvt. Ltd Harish Agarwal said that users would be able to book parking only 15 minutes early.

In that place, the LED strain will be placed to inform the condition of the parking. Those who are looking for a spot can see the parking space, which is not reserved next to the parking screen.

The parking cost for two-wheelers is Rs. 25, for four-wheelers, it’s Rs. 60 and for six wheelers or more, the price is Rs. 200 per hour. Metropolitan informed that about 800 motorcycles and 40 cars could be parked at a single time at these locations.

Agarwal said that parking would be kept in disciple by 24 parking attendants with go pros attached to their bodies. To enjoy this service, you will have to download the app named ‘Park KTM’ on your mobile phones. Agarwal informed that this app would be available on Android and Apple Store on 1st Baisakh 2076.

According to Mayor Bidhya Sundar Shakya, this new scheme has been introduced by keeping the Kathmandu parking management at top priority.

Sakya added, ‘If you have to take a ride in your vehicle to Newroad, it is difficult to find the proper place to park the vehicle, so if parking is facilitated properly, it will be a major improvement in the city’s traffic system.’


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