National Cybersecurity Center And Space ISAC Announce Partnership

The National cybersecurity solutions provider Kratos Defense

During the recently concluded 35th Space Symposium, held in Colorado Springs, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, the national cybersecurity solution provider of USA announced its partnership with Space ISAC.

Kratos Defense is a leading provider of Advanced Engineering, Security and Surveillance, IT Services and War Fighter Solutions for the federal government that develops technology, security methods and ideas for the United States National Defense and for private companies as well. They claim that their specialized team develops sophisticated cybersecurity, satellite communications, autonomous system, missile defense, hypersonic systems, microwave electronics, training, and combat systems.

The Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center is willing to take measures in protecting the security landscape throughout the nation’s infrastructures like defense, aviation, and financial services. They aim to enhance the nation’s online abilities to prepare and react towards vulnerable situations, threats, and function as a primary communications channel.

The President of Kratos Technology & Training Solutions Division, Phil Carrai mentioned that the recent partnership is in accordance with the White House’s National Cyber Security.

Carrai also added, “Administration will enhance efforts to protect the space assets and support the infrastructures from the growing Cyber threats with the help of industries and partners to reinforce the Cyber flexibility of all the existing and future space systems. It’s an honor for Kratos to be a part of such an initiative. It’s becoming a challenge to protect the space assets, both from increasing challenges in the RF domain in the form of unintentional interference, jamming, Space Situational Awareness, and cybersecurity threats, and other evolving threats. The only way to encounter these threats effectively is by sharing data and experiences across the industry and government.”


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