Lakmé Sunscreen Launch Nepal

23rd April 2024, Kathmandu

A vibrant spectacle had taken over the streets of Kathmandu with bright yellow umbrellas mysteriously dotting the city, leaving residents and visitors alike intrigued.

Now, the mystery behind this is unveiled with the launch of Lakmé Sunscreen in Nepal, under the tagline “Stun in the Sun.”

Lakme Sunscreen Launch in Nepal

The “Me in the Sun” phenomenon, as it had been dubbed, had captured the attention of Kathmandu’s urbanites, sparking speculation and excitement across social media platforms.

From Durbar Marg to Jhamiskhel, these yellow umbrellas had become a talking point, with hashtags like #MeintheSun trending as locals share their sightings and theories.

But the mystery is now resolved as Lakmé, the iconic beauty brand, steps into the limelight with the introduction of its sunscreen range in Nepal. Under Unilever Nepal, Lakmé has launched 2 new variants of Lakme Sun Expert Ultramatte Lotion – SPF 50 & SPF 30. Proudly made in Nepal, these products are now accessible at your local stores. The product provides protection against UVA and blocks up to 97% of UVB Rays, is suitable for all skin types, and is dermatologically tested.

Now, as Lakmé steps into the spotlight, the significance of the “Me in the Sun” campaign becomes clear.

It’s not about hiding from the sun; it’s about embracing it with confidence the message is simple: with Lakmé, you don’t need to hide from the sun.

You can step into the light with confidence, knowing that you’re protected and beautiful. Discover the freedom to Stun in The Sun with Lakmé.

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