Laxmi Bank has released its 16-set sticker pack on Viber on the 9th of December 2019

December 16, 2019, Kathmandu 

Laxmi Bank has launched 16 different sets of stickers set from Monday to make Viber chat exciting.

From this, Laxmi claims to be the first bank to launch ‘Nepali Animated Pack’ that was not present in Viber. The bank said the bank’s creative Viber stickers can be used to communicate timely, express gratitude and exchange other messages in the original language in Viber Chat.

Bharti Pandey, head of the bank’s strategy and market department, said: “Today’s need is to further strengthen the bank’s relationship with its customers. That’s why the bank is trying to bring new and existing customers closer to us through our Viber account through a sticker. “

Viber is currently one of the most used online chatting apps. Most of the reviews made by users on Viber show that they love the app for the better-quality photos and easier chat access. The set of stickers currently present in Viber really adds up to the message the communicators convey. People use stickers to show love to someone, or simply to reduce the hassle of typing. Stickers have changed the way how people express their emotions online. It has enabled people to simply send animated stickers that convey a lot of feelings easily.

Laxmi Bank’s way of connecting with their customers by introducing animated stickers that are Nepali language-based is a great way to add up to their promotional campaign. Laxmi bank will be first of its kind to initiate such a strategy to strengthen the customer-bank bond.


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