Utsav Laxmi-Sunrise

13th November 2023, Kathmandu

Laxmi Sunrise Bank is all set to launch a social awareness campaign, “Laxmi Sunrise Utsav Campaign on the auspicious occasion of Tihar and Chhath.

The bank has stated that this campaign is launched to promote the cultural tradition of welcoming the birth of a daughter as the arrival of the goddess Laxmi in the traditionally patriarchal Nepalese society.

Furthermore, the campaign seeks to advocate for the equality between both son and daughter, emphasizing that both should be treated with equal regard. In Nepalese society, the birth of a son is often celebrated, while some families still express sadness when a daughter is born. Laxmi Sunrise Utsav strives to challenge and transform such prevailing beliefs and attitudes.

As part of Laxmi Sunrise Utsav campaign, the bank is creating three videos where daughters are celebrated as the goddess Laxmi who are believed to bring prosperity in their homes. The bank plans to release these videos one by one to the public.

The bank is also inviting people to share their own videos showcasing how they embrace female family members as Laxmi.

Those interested in participating in this campaign should share the video of their Laxmi’ (female family members) s story and tag the bank with the hashtag #Laxmisunriseutsav. Among them 3 best winners will get Rs. 50,000, Rs. 30,000, and Rs. 15000 cash prizes.


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