Verisk Information Technologies is Nepal’s no.1 IT Company according to the Everest List. Verisk Information Technologies is a software research and development center situated in a safe and secure location around Kathmandu Valley that is Hattisar, Kathmandu Nepal. Verisk Information Technology Company is the leader and trendsetter among software industry in Nepal. It is a publicly traded company listed as VRSK on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Verisk Analytics offers risk-assessment services and decision analytics that help the customers to have better understandings and manage their own risk.

Verisk Information Technologies has a team of professionals providing their expertise to the Verisk Analytics Family of Companies. This company helps those companies to focus on their businesses while they are focusing on the technologies of that business. In Nepal, they are one the offshore development center which is wholly owned by a major company in the United States.

This company has the employees from the various diversity background working all together with an expert point of view.

This company has the best working environment than any other company out there. Verisk Company is build-up with a very comfortable environment for its employees. They take employees as their assets. Verisk Company builds enterprise systems and provides state-of-the-art solutions for Verisk Analytics Family of Companies. The company is mainly focused on designing and developing top-notch applications. Another critical area of their expertise lies in Large Data Systems that supports world-class decision support systems.

Verisk Information Technologies is an offshore development house for Verisk Analytics. Verisk Analytics is in the business of offering risk assessment services and decision analytics in fields like property/casualty insurance, reinsurance, mortgage, healthcare, government, and corporate risk management.

The company is involved in designing, development, testing and maintenance of impressive line-up of trendsetting products of Verisk companies like Verisk Health, ISO, 3E and others. These products help customers protect people, property, and financial assets in the United States and all around the world.

The company has provided unique and much better facilities while working. The list of facilities that are provided by Verisk Company are as follows:

  • Central location: The location of the office is very much reliable to the people living anywhere around the Kathmandu Valley. The situation can easily be accessible by both private and public means of transportation around the valley.
  • Free Transportation: It is perfect to know that the company has free transportation facility for its employees. The service of free-pickup and drop-off service has been provided for those employees who don’t have private transportation.
  • In-house clinic- The in-house clinic is made available within the office building. The company also has a visiting family physician in case any of the employees gets sick during office time. The company has also made the provision of medical coverage plan.
  • Spacious Building: The Company has its seven-story building with modern and latest amenities. It has also got elevators and HVAC system, so it is easier to get on any floor. It also has ample parking space.
  • Robust security: The company has 24/7 physical security facility. The whole building is under CCTV surveillance and Access Control System.
  • Subsidized Canteen: The canteen so is the essential part of an office. Tea and coffee are freely available on each floor of the company for their employees.
  • Verisk Information Technologies adopt the latest and the most significant technologies for supporting business. They solely conduct extensive research to affirm the best performing technologies to suit their needs. They are always on a lookout for emerging technologies and invest in upgrading to promising ones.

Verisk Company is filled with experts when it comes in handling and managing big data-sets. They employee both ORACLE and MSSQL and also use OLTP and OLAP approach. With the growing need for scalability, they are also working with distributed processing architectures like Hadoop and other MPP database systems like Greenplum and Vertica. In addition to it, they also are tracking technologies related to Entity Resolution and Text Mining.

They also have projects in Java stack as well as Microsoft .NET platform, and to add to the variety – in C, C++, and even LISP. The fun part of the company is that their developers are not bound to a specific technology, they are provided with an opportunity to explore a hoard of languages and work on the ‘best-fit’ platform that serves their interest as well as the companies.

 The future goals of the company are:

  • Full adoption of Agile methodology
  • Efficiency gains through automation
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

The company hires employees in various positions in the following fields:

  • Software Development
  • Database Administration
  • Software Testing
  • System Management
  • Project Management

Recently, the company also is hiring (job offer) people in the following positions:

  • QC Engineer
  • Principle Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Principal Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Principal Software Engineer (JAVA)

For further information about the company:

Tel: +977-1-4435625

429 Hattisar

PO Box 6058

Kathmandu, Nepal