Steve Jobs, a man who was always praised for what he made out of a company which rules on the list of world’s most valuable companies. He is that great person who introduced iPhone for the very first time. Steve Jobs is the literal owner of Apple Company. People usually keep on standing for days outside the apple stores just to become the first buyers of the magnificent iPhone. They don’t know why they like it so much, but they just do love it, and it is the “One last thing” Steve wanted from his customers.IPhone has always mesmerized people now and then.

Apart from Jobs, there is another unsung hero who has contributed since a very long time for the success of the very own Apple Company. Steve Wozniak, he has always been away from the limelight, although Apple wasn’t possible without his brilliant engineering skills.

Woz still remembers those before Apple days with Jobs, he calls him “Steve Jobs Zero”, for what he was a completely different person. He recollects memories of all those pranks, their initial efforts for making Apple into existence and much more. And because of which, what Apple is today. And yes, definitely a world leading company.

He might also be remembered for his negative personality. I think that’s going to go with his legacy forever. But he led the world in the future and everybody else then would follow once they saw it.

Woz said in the video, and he has been quite busy regarding the promotion of the new flick on Jobs. The movie focuses on what most of us don’t know or I can also say that you don’t want to know, the dark side of Steve Jobs, what he was as a person. Did you ever try to know about how he was as a person? Definitely NO!

Jobs wasn’t well-versed with engineering skills but he had that audacity to do things without a second thought. What we call, he had the ability to package his product in such a way that it looked so compelling, people couldn’t wait to get the, on their hands as soon as possible. He had that potential to attract people on what he introduce to either it’s a gadget or any other thing.

Although, numerous movies have been done on Jobs, but this one change the way we admire him as a person. Steve Jobs, the movie is all set for a worldwide release on October 23, 2015, with Michael Fassbinder as Jobs and Seth Rogen as Woz.

So, want to know how Steve Jobs was as a person, then don’t forget to watch that flicks. It is only available in selected theatres. You can also watch its trailer in YouTube as well.