I started online marketing as profession since 2008. Currently work in search marketing team for an Australian digital agency and also as freelance.

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What is SEO ?

SEO is about helping users find information (such as your blog, business or services) on search engines. There is usually too much information on the Internet. When users search for information on search engine such as Google, they click results that rank high and are useful. SEO is about getting higher ranks.

Is there any difference between SEO and Online Marketing ?

Online Marketing includes SEO as well as other medium that help bring visitors. These can be paid channels such as advertising, links on external sites, or mobile application such as Facebook.

What are the functions of SEO ?

Search engines are there to help users find information easily. Anybody who is into SEO  needs to ensure higher ranks for the right keywords that bring visitors to the website.

What are the basics methods for SEO ?

The basic methods of SEO is organizing content and getting back-links to it so that the website ranks well on a search engine. Basically, to make a web-page rank better on search engine, there needs to be good content and the content needs to get shared.

What is the value of SEO?

A search result that gets within first page in Google gets over 70% visits whereas all other positions contribute less than 30%. So getting in the top results with SEO means getting more visitors. Not being on first page usually means users don’t visit your website from search engines.

Do you have anything to share with your fans through ICT FRAME?

Learn, experiment, share and above all have fun with what you do.

Will you please share us your habit on use of social media?

Usually spend 10-20 minutes in morning on Twitter (you can find me @nepalsites) plus some more minutes during the day. Helps to keep up and interact with the industry and around the world.

Any suggestions for IT Students and Enterprenurship regarding SEO?

Don’t just follow current trends. Find something that you will enjoy in the long run. Learning and experimenting is essential in SEO as with any profession but remember that intentional bad practices don’t last forever.

How selective are you while buying gadgets?

Quite selective. The last one I got was a OnePlus phone.

Roshan Joshi