“Modelling, For Me Is Also About Being A Role Model”

Shikshya Sangroula, 20, a freelance model, voice-over artist, Little Queen Nepal 2007 and Liril fresh face 2014. Charming, energetic and confident is her main essence. Fearless and ambitious enough to change her dreams into reality. She too has been nominated as top 30 most beautiful women in Nepal in 2014.

How would you like to define yourself?

I want to define myself as an individual, reasonable, who knows her grounds and who always want to see the world around her to be happy.

  • Tell us about your dreams in the field of modeling? Ever since my childhood, I have grown up watching fashion shows and shoots in TV, and have tried to learn from them, gradually it developed as a passion on me to walk in ramps, and eventually I want to get into big beauty pageants and represent my country worldwide one day.
  • What features of yours make you feel different than others?

I believe in simple living and high thinking, I am a simple, happy go kind of person, my discipline and values regarding life and humanity and my body structure make me feel I am different than others.

Who inspired you?

My inspiration my role model is my mom at first & Priyanka Chopra, Malvika Subba, and Sadikshya Shrestha. I look up to them. Back in 2007, you won a very prestigious title of Little Queen Nepal. That’s shows you have been brought up in a very supportive environment.

How much you struggle?

I am very blessed to have such a supportive background ever since my childhood. Be it modeling or anything that comes up; they have been with me more like a friend. I never had to struggle.

  • What is the probable scope you can see in this field shortly in our nation?

Every field has its future, there are so many fashion colleges that produce great fashion designers and also so many modeling houses who enroll themselves in bringing new faces and training to them and again youths who are so fashionable and loves to be updated, when both go hand in hand, it will create a vast fashion business in Nepal which will eventually contribute something to the nation. It has a tremendous international scope as well if managed properly.

  • What’s the term “modelling” means to you?

For me its not just about the walking ramps , doing shoots , covers and all and being called as a model , for me it is also about being a role model .

  • What specific message do you want to give to young and aspiring models?

What I always want to say them is, stay cool and confident enough to face situations in every field you work. Be humble and spread love to everything that exists on the earth.

  • What are some drawbacks you can see in this field?

Drawbacks that must be mentioned is there are no criteria to judge a model; it’s tough to sustain being a model in Nepal.

  • How can you create a positive change in this present scenario of the nation?

I try to change things in me positively at first, and I try my best to bring a positive change regarding everything in which I am enrolled. If everyone does their part, sincerely, the nation will lead to a better future soon.

  • What would you like to say to that public who criticize models and glamour field?

All I wanted to tell them is, be it modeling or any other field; there are positive and negative sides to it. We should instead focus on the positive side of it and be thankful to models because they are the principal source to the marketing sector of many business houses.