Link Bank Account to eSewa

4th May 2021, Kathmandu

eSewa – a digital payment service provider has added another feature to their list. Where now users can able to link eSewa accounts directly to bank accounts.

The amount can be loaded into the eSewa account by connecting it to a bank account of your choice.

Subhas Sapkota, CEO of eSewa, said that the account link facility was introduced to make it easier for its users to load money.

eSewa always brings new services to offer its users. ‘We launched this service with the new service in mind, as well as making it easier for users to load money,’ he said. The service user must have a certified service account in order to link the accounts.

To use this service, the bank’s mobile banking must be used to link the account with the service user. And the mobile number in the service and the mobile number in the bank must be the same.

If the service number and the mobile number in the bank are not the same. Then the mobile number in the bank can be used as a secondary ID in the account.

To link eSewa to a bank account, use the following instruction:

  • First, go to the Load Money option on the eSewa homepage.
  • Select your bank. Now enter your bank account number and then click on Process.
  • The mobile banking portal will then open. Type your mobile number and password here.
  • Then, enter the OTP password that was sent to your mobile device and click Pay; your bank account will be connected to the service.
  • To load money into the account service after linking the bank account. Login to the account service.
  • Go to the load money option and then click on the bank account you linked.

Following that, the amount to be deposited in the service, as well as other information, can be easily loaded.

eSewa accounts can currently be connected to the bank accounts of 20 banks and financial institutions. Other member bank accounts could be associated in the near future.

Insurance premiums, share transfers, mobile, telephone, internet, energy and drinking water charges, recharge, airplane, bus fare, school, and college fees can all be paid by e-Sewa.


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