Since the development of the internet occurs, lots of possibilities emerge in this modern age. The Internet has changed all the thinking styles and livelihood of the people. Now we need not have to travel a mile to perform any financial activities. Simply just staying in the corner of the house, you can do any online marketing. And this is only possible through online payment Systems.

Online Payment System is one of the best systems for performing a financial transaction through the internet. Due to its simplicity and flexibility in making payment, a large number of people showed their financial transactions on it. Now we are even capable of performing any national and international payment through the internet.

It is one of the significant achievements of ours. There are also many online companies in Nepal which help to send and receive money online, buy air tickets, pay utility bills, purchase mobile recharge cards, pay school college bills, internet bills, subscribe newspapers and magazines online. For this, you need to have either a debit or a credit card.

There are many online payment systems in Nepal like eSewa Nepal, PayWay, Young Business Technology, etc.
Here some of the information about them is as below:

eSewa Nepal

It is the first online payment system in Nepal and also called Digital Payment Portal. Though which you can pay for many merchants and stores like,,, Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air, QFX cinemas and many more. They even collaborate with around 15 National Nepalese Banks and provide online eSewa services. It is developed by F1 Soft Company and verified by VeriSign authentication services. To use this service, you have to be age 16 or above. Similarly, you will not be charged for any payments made to the merchants. However for performing fund transfer to another bank you have to pay a minimal amount of money based on eSewa policies.


It is the Merchant payment gateway in Nepal and developed by Young Minds in Kathmandu. Besides the site, encryption service was provided by Comodo. It provides services like PayPal, Master Card, Money Bookers, and Visa Card. Until and unless any transfers of money or financial transactions are conducted, it charges small processing fees for Pay Way users.

Google Business Technology

It is one of the leading and successful online payment companies in Nepal. Similarly, it is operated under the Incentive Group of Companies and performed work for the software development of Government agencies and service providers. It also represents Ideation Technology Inc. This is all about the online payment system in Nepal. If you need any other further information about it, just put your comment on this article.

Khalti Digital Wallet

Khalti is one of the most popular and fastest-growing payment gateway and digital wallets in Nepal. It provides payment facilities for various services along with fund transfer services. You can make payments for utility bills, recharge mobile, pay DTH and internet bills, book airlines and movie tickets, book hotels, make online payments at e-commerce sites, etc. Khalti has also introduced a QR based ‘Scan & Pay’ system. You can use this feature to pay in a shop.

You can load funds into Khalti using the internet and mobile banking, debit/credit cards, Khalti bank deposit vouchers, and kiosk machines. You can also request funds from your friends and relatives.