ECommerce Business Practices And Trend In Nepal

By born everyone loves to entertain themselves knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, none want to walk on foot if a car or bike is available. Likewise, if we can make a selection of our choice just staying at home, none of us want to go market to market for buying goods. For this reason, online shopping concept has been developed to save the time of people.

Online shopping is trending in Nepal. There are many online shopping centers like,,,,,,,,, and many more. It helps to sell and buy all goods and commodities in our comfort zone. Even we can put our comment and receive full payment return if not like the product.

So time and technology demand to be speed on their work. For this, all you have to do is to have either a debit or credit card. If not, no problems you can also make direct payment to the delivery boy or girl. That’s your decision. Isn’t it great! All you have to do is to check out on site and make a selection of your choice.
You can select your favorite design, color, texture and even mention your model goods to prepare.

Now in Nepal, through online shopping you can make any type of shopping like mobile and tablets, computers and laptops, electric and electronics, fashion and accessories, home, garden and tools, health and beauty, sports and travel, gift, toys and kids, stationery and office supplies, food and beverage, automobiles and vehicles, books and entertainment and many more.

It is a big advantage of online shopping. Perhaps you may want to know what are the drawbacks of it. So, Here I am going to discuss some of the strength and disadvantage of online shopping that you need to understand for your safeness and frauds.

The Importance of Online Shopping trends in Nepal is:  Just clicking on mouse your desired product will be in your hand, so it saves time. You need not to have to walk from one shop to another shop searching just one product of your choice.

So it saves your energy and fuel of vehicle. The advanced innovations of search engine allow you to check prices and compare prices from one online shopping website to another.

The limitations of the online shopping trend in Nepal are: You cannot be able to see, touch and test the product personally; you just see the pictures of them. Even you don’t know what quality of goods they would bring to your place. On online shopping, you need to have the patience for the item to arrive at your door.

It may even take a long time if the online shopping company that you have dealt is so far. So it is not as good as retail stores, where you can use the product instantly after you buy it.