Logitech Preparing Third-Party Keyboard Solution

Though it was revealed just a few hours ago, iPad Pro has already collected its fair share of proposals and conflicts. It is clear that Logitech has embraced the former category by announcing a third-party keyboard for the large tablet.

It was developed with some inputs from Apple itself to make use of the new Smart Connector and is named as CREATE. Like, Apple’s smart keyboard, CREATE’s Smart connector won’t need charging or Bluetooth pairing. Tying is as easy as Using the keyboard of the desktop as it has got all the layouts so that of a desktop keyboard. If it couldn’t be more similar to Apple’s first-party offering, the including case will be useful for $800+ power tablet.

“Logitech is a world leader in iPad keyboards, and we are introducing the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case-developed together with Apple- to enhance and perfectly complement the iPad Pro,” possesses Logitech mobility Michele Hermann. “With a full-size keyboard designed to work with iOS 9, the Logitech CREATE will help make the iPad Pro a creativity and productivity powerhouse. Even the color and finish of the keyboard are meticulously crafted to feel and look like the other half of your iPad Pro.”

Being accessible, Logitech has planned to launch CREATE alongside the iPad Pro in some dates of November. As Apple’s Smart keyboard has a hefty price of $170, Logitech is keeping the lower rate for achieving general commercial business successfully. Otherwise, there was never much price to distinguish between Apple and Logitech. Aside from them, it is unclear whether or not it features fabric keys.