The Apple watch has taken ass the world storm over the pod year but the OS is not wearable on the market.

The Android wear have android watch which ios very component operating system. It stay connected with Google and other digital lives which mainly focused to end up the helping the users. It has not mention the fact about the Android wear devices which are compatible with wide range of smart phone.

This operating system need improvement. There are the top five upgrade in future version of Android wear.

Break free of smart phones

There are number of features which does not work without connecting smart phone while using Android wear.

Google map offers offline mode which allow users to save maps on the devices to use. The stand alone experience revolve around saving data to be uploaded when it is connected to the internet.

Last longer

Android wear is one of the biggest plugging Smartphone watched across the board in battery life. Google offers a large number of tips on saving battery life on Android devices. Those features manually tell user to exist or uninstall apps on the devices.

It has similar battery saving modes which offered android Smartphone. This feature automatically close any power hunger apps.

Use your voice

Smart watch has its touch display which is tedious and frustrating. it is very important devices for manufacturer and software developer to offer  the best control their smart watch. We also have gesture based control our device to rely on voice controls.

Google voice control offers the best what are able to build their own voice commands but core voice commands need not be worked on which is Google’s job.

It could completely control Android wear watch using our voices.

A neat voice commands tricks the ability to change the watch face and to make display brighter.

Gesture but don’t touch

Gesture command is very important part of interact with wearable device. There are number of ways which could be implemented into Android wear. May smart watch use the accelerator in a basic manner.