First International Hackathon

7th October 2023, Kathmandu

Madan Bhandari Memorial College Hosts Nepal’s First International Hackathon “MBM IdeaX 2023” in Collaboration with UNESCO and Prabhu Bank

In a groundbreaking initiative, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, with the invaluable support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and in collaboration with Prabhu Bank, successfully organized Nepal’s inaugural international-level hackathon program, “MBM IdeaX 2023.”

The hackathon, which commenced on October 6th and will conclude on October 8th, aims to foster innovation and collaboration among participants, who will have the opportunity to learn from a diverse array of experts.

Nepal’s First International IdeaX

Phyul Babu Jha, the head of the school’s science and technology department, reported that a remarkable 450 individuals from 48 national and international teams eagerly registered to participate in this pioneering event.

In a press release signed by Jha, it was revealed that participants shared their innovative ideas through online media platforms. A panel of expert judges then selected the top 48 participants from 13 different groups across various cities to advance to the final round.

Throughout the hackathon, participants will engage in interactive sessions with domain experts, facilitating the exchange of fresh ideas and insights. The competition will culminate with the announcement of the three best-performing groups by the distinguished panel of jurors.

The hackathon’s opening ceremony was held on the university campus and witnessed the presence of esteemed guests and experts from diverse fields.

Ramesh Chandra Paudel, Principal of Madan Bhandari Memorial College, expressed his confidence in the “MBM Idea X 2023” event, emphasizing its significance in the realm of teaching and learning. He also announced the institution’s plans to organize various programming-related initiatives, including hackathons, in the near future.

Chiranjibi Adhikari, a renowned cybersecurity expert and General Secretary of the CAN Federation, “In an ideathon, we create a dynamic platform where individuals have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas in a startup-like environment.

It’s not just about ideation; it’s about receiving invaluable feedback, mentorship from experts, and the potential for game-changing investment opportunities. Ideations are the crucible where innovation meets entrepreneurship, and where ideas have the chance to evolve into transformative solutions.”

International HackathonInternational HackathonMBM IdeaX

This inaugural international hackathon not only marks a significant milestone in Nepal’s technological landscape but also signifies a commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing on a global scale. “MBM Idea X 2023” serves as a testament to the power of education and international cooperation in driving positive change and technological advancement.


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