Mahabir Pun’s Campaign Getting Donations Day By Day

“Leaving the Door of Government of Nepal, Getting to the door of Nepali-Lovers”: Mahabir Pun

Let all the Nepalese-within the country and away from the country come together for making progressive development in Nepal, by prioritizing the following :

  • Encourage creative and talented human resources to make the best use of their talents
  • Give more priority to boost up and promote innovative and technical development and yield talented ones to their extremes.
  • Motivate and Encourage the process of Export for enhancing economic status. Provide essential aids and supports to create such a situation.

To make the above steps come possible, “National Innovation Center” is established. If we can unify and work together to upgrade the status of science and technology, in the upcoming 30 years, we will find Nepal as a developed country. There will be a dead end for the trend of going abroad for earning. Also, there will be neither a need to worry about security nor a reason to feel ashamed.


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