20 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Man arrested for sexually harassing and harassing women by sending pornographic videos, photos, and messages on social media.

The Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police has arrested a man on Monday for sexually harassing and harassing by sending obscene videos, photos, and messages through Facebook’s chatting platform Messenger.

Police have arrested Ravi Shahi alias Ramesh Shahi, 36, of Seradanda in Kumakh Gaonpalika Ward No. 4 of Salyan for harassing and harassing Salyani 20.

According to Cyber Bureau spokesperson and Information Officer Navindra Aryal, he was found guilty of violating Section 47 of the Electronic Transactions Act, 2063 BS and was arrested on January 18 with the help of District Police Office, Salyan.

He is being further investigated, the bureau said.

District Police Office Salyan


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