mDabali App: Ultimate Solution to Expand Digital Finance services in Cooperatives

May 19, 2020, Kathmandu

mDabali App: Ultimate Solution to Expand Digital Finance services in Cooperatives and Microfinance Institutions

InfoDevelopers have introduced Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) service from microfinance and cooperatives to Banks. It is a milestone for the company as well as for the customers of cooperatives and microfinance.

The mobile app called mDabali is an online payment application that also facilitates utility payments such as bill payment, recharge, and top-up. The app, which was launched in January 2014, also supports loading funds to digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, and Prabhu.

Microfinance and Cooperatives customers can simply download the app and use its services through online registration without visiting bank premises. Using mDabali, the institution can provide digital financial services to its customers as better as commercial banks at a very low cost. mDabali is the perfect answer to the false thought that institutions need to invest big money in using mobile banking services. Zero investment is required to run a mobile banking service.

As a matter of fact, InfoDevelopers is also the first IT company to introduce ATM service to cooperative and microfinance institutions in the country through its CBS Empower and Infinity.

The most important feature of mDabali which makes it distinct from other mobile banking services in the country is it is not limited to mobile recharge, utility payment, and banking services. Going ahead, cooperatives and microfinance institutions can use mDabali as a communication platform for continuous collaboration with its customers around the clock thus winning the hearts of its customers. Institutions can use mDabali to fight with the Covid-19 catastrophe.

Interview with Suresh Kansakar, Spokesperson for InfoDevelopers

“We have been providing CBS for the microfinance and cooperative sector. So, we launched the IBFT service with mDabali to expand our services in the sector. Digital services have been gaining popularity today and with the Digital Nepal Framework, they have become a necessity.

We are providing mDabali mobile banking to the customers who use our CBS. Using the mobile banking platform, users can pay for utility bills and recharge mobile. The latest addition to our services is the Inter-Bank Fund Transfer. With our mobile banking solutions, we want to make the mentioned services accessible in both rural and urban areas.

As of now, customers can transfer funds from cooperatives and microfinance to banks. However, the app will soon provide the transfer of funds from Banks to microfinance and cooperatives. Similarly, we will be soon integrating other digital wallets like Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu pay to facilitate the loading of funds.

Our mobile banking service also provides payment of school fees and insurance. Our immediate future plan is to introduce remittance service as well. With mDabali, we intend to provide an integrated platform for all services, thereby clearing the confusion of switching between apps.

What we also did with the app is that we made it interactive. This means that users can ask queries regarding any issues and seek help. Moreover, if a user faces trouble using the app, they can also play a tutorial video on the app to learn how to use its services.”

mDabali App Info

Download mDabali Mobile App APK for Apple Store

Services Banking

★     Balance Inquiry

★     Deposit Statement

★     Loan Statement

★     Cheque Request

★     Cheque Stop

★     Fund Transfer

★     Account Information

★     Mini Statement

★     Loan Payment

★     Loan Calculator

Utility Payments

★     Mobile Top-up

★     Internet Payment

★     TV Payment

★     Water Bill Payment

★     Electricity Bill Payment

★     Landline Payment

★     School Fee Payment

★     Insurance Payment

Other Utilities

★     Flight Booking

★     Hotel Booking*

★     Movie Payment


★     eSewa

★     Khalti

★     Prabhu

★     IME pay

QR Payment

Bank Fund Transfer

Other Features

★     About MF with Branches​

★     Products of MF​

★     Institution-based News​

★     News and Events​

★     Advertisement

★     Suggestion Box as a collaboration tool

★     Messaging feature replacing SMS expense

Final Say

Customers of cooperative and microfinance still lack the digital services that commercial banks offer. However, the mDabali app is here to change that. In fact, the IBFT services couldn’t have been introduced at a better time.

With the nation in lockdown, most people are forced to use online services and this will go on for a while even after the lockdown has ended. Let’s wait and see what InfoDevelopers have planned to enhance the functionality of the app.

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