Technology Makes Social Distancing Easier, Managing Director Of Ninja Infosys

Young Entrepreneur From Nepalgunj

May 19, 2020, Kathmandu

“IT is not an option; IT is the only option” “Keep social distancing use of IT.”

Who would have thought that the virus so-called Corona “Covid-19” would go like this epidemic? Thousands of lives are under death condition over all the world. And we are speaking from the country where there are very fewer health facilities, unaware peoples and no good governance.

Talking about Information Technology, we are still decades away from other countries. Facing corrupted governance, less market for IT products, less internet facility in the Hilly and Himalayan region that occupies 83% of our total land, Our start-ups are at a very high risk of failing.

We have only one fear now, do the Government will support us in the field of IT with better strategies? Always being ignored by the Government, still knowing that only IT can keep the progress work going on by efficiently monitoring and updating the work progress from anywhere. Getting and providing the essential and urgent data at just a click, Question is why IT is ignored? Data Security? Give us a chance; we assure you your data will be the only important thing we will care about.

It is tough to predict the solutions of corona “Covid-19,” and for now, only IT can make it possible “Keeping Social Distancing.” Using IT People can get Notices, News, Updates about everything. The online classes at home, online health-seeking at home, online food at home, the online transaction of money from home, online knowledge about agriculture at home, and many more. Don’t you agree that all these blessings are possible through IT?

It is a very humble request to all “Support  IT  because Only IT can keep social distancing and progress work at once.”


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