Mediflow Solution – Electronic Medical Record System in Nepal

Hospital Management System in Nepal

Hospital is a very delicate area where the margin for errors is very less. Millions of people visit hospitals for treatment every day, but the present scenario of these sensitive areas are very pitiful for Nepal. The unmanaged flow of patients and the delay in treatment due to this crowd is one of the most painful problems the Nepalese people have been facing in hospitals. Even in this digital era, people are forced to stand in long queues to pay the medical bills for their treatments. Also, check for the availability of doctors they must visit the hospitals. Lack of availability of beds and information about these critical stuff has even led to the death of many patients in Nepal. Likewise, the hospitals are still using the paper-based management system to keep the daily records. The patient’s report or any other statistical data are held in bundles of paper. If a patient’s report is to be looked at, the task of going through all the papers becomes quite tedious. So many records are lost or misplaced in hospitals of Nepal.

The data of the arrival of new patients, old patients visiting the hospitals and even the number of discharged patients, is complicated to maintain in real time using the traditional system. The generation of statistical reports for several patients with a particular disease, the age group of patients with common diseases and even the location of the patients is next to impossible. It takes nearly one month for the hospital to find out the income and expenditure of the hospital.

 These are only a few problems that are prevalent in hospitals in Nepal. All these problems can be dealt with the use of modern hospital management system. Mediflow solution is introduced to increase the productivity of the hospitals. Mediflow Solution is not just a software but a complete computer-based package. Mediflow helps the hospital to increase their productivity and benefits the users by reducing the problems currently prevalent. It speeds up the tedious procedures in the hospital as well. Mediflow solution is a software developed with the collaboration of medical and IT professionals. The use of Mediflow replaces the paper-based record keeping system by Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Some of the features of Mediflow solution are:

·        Hospital Management System

·        Integrated Accounting System

·        Electronic Medical Record System

·        Communication and File Sharing System

·        Cloud / Synchronization System

·        Data Security and Backup

·        Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

·        Mobile Application for Patients end

·        Intra Hospital Communication System (IHCS) with a mobile app

·        Patient Status Display System (PSDS)

·        Online Payment System

The use of Hospital Management System enables the hospitals to store the billing and financial statistics digitally. It also helps in integrating all the various departments within the hospital to work in sync. It has the feature of administrative branching that provides a secure login to the users and gives authority accordingly hence creating a well-managed internal system for hospitals. Mediflow easily stores all the records of a patient including the billing, medical reports, age, diseases, improvement charts. The patients can easily print their reports as per their wish or even access their data digitally on a mobile phone. Likewise, notification, remainder, and alert features are also available to the logged in users. This saves the patients time and helps them to keep track of their appointments with the doctors easily. The noise in the hospital area is also significantly reduced. The medical bills can be paid via the online payment system provided by Mediflow.

The option of pre-booking this software also provides the hospital beds. This feature helps the patients to secure their place in case of an emergency. Currently, the discharged patients are compelled to stay in the hospitals since the discharge papers take a minimum of 3-4 hours to be available. Mediflow software allows the patients to generate their discharge papers in just a few minutes and helps save a lot of time. When the patients switch the hospitals due to a referral from the doctors, it becomes quite difficult for them to keep a record of all their medical reports. Mediflow enables intra-hospital file sharing and hence reduces the effort of even entering the data of a patient in the case of referrals. All the records of the hospital and the patients are stored in clouds. So, the statistical data are available with just a click. Mediflow solution not only aids in the proper business module for the hospitals but also connects the accounting and customer care services provided by the hospitals.

Some of the hospitals in Nepal are already using Mediflow Solution, and the hospitals claim to have had better productivity after the use of this software. Patients visiting these hospitals also say that it reduces the tedious effort of getting the treatment. The current situation of Nepal points out that use of Mediflow solution can have a significant impact in the medical sector. For more Information: Mediflow Solution

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