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20th April 2022, Kathmandu

Mega Bank Nepal Limited has successfully integrated NEPALPAY QR in the Mega Smart Banking app, Now the Bank’s customers can scan and initiate NEPALPAY QR payments, available at various merchants and payment gateway.

The Bank has also initiated acquiring its business customers as merchants for managing their receivables via NEPALPAY QR.

Mega Bank is one of the first banks to join the National Payment Switch and to enable NEPALPAY QR.

The business customers of Mega Bank will also eventually be able to be enrolled as merchants to manage their receivables from their customers and also all the customer of Mega Bank can pay the merchants by scanning NEPALPAY QR using Mega Smart Banking App.

NEPALPAY QR has been implemented and operated by NCHL as an implementing infrastructure of the NepalQR standard issued by Nepal Rastra Bank as part of the National Payment Switch.

The infrastructure allows for the deployment of an independent QR scheme and facilitates the interoperability of QR at the merchant and network levels.

Apart from Mega Bank, NEPALPAY QR scan for making payments is available in the mobile banking apps of Himalayan Bank, Machhapuchchhre Bank, Sanima Bank, and Samriddhi Finance as well as other BFIs in process of initiating the scan and pay service.

The enablement of QR in the mobile banking app of Mega Bank is expected to further increase the digital transactions at the retail level, which has always been the major focus for the bank.

Mega Bank has been serving its customer from its 207 branches, 25 extension counters, 60 branchless banking points, and 140 ATMs spread across the country.

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