Mega Bank Nepal

27 January 2021, Kathmandu

Mega Bank and Kuwait Lulu Exchange Company Limited have reached an agreement on remittance business.

After the partnership with Lulu Exchange. Mega Bank is confident that it will be easy, accessible, and effective for Nepalese living in Kuwait. To send money to Nepal.

From 22 branches of Lulu Exchange. Nepalese will be able to send money to Mega Remit in Nepal. In addition, Nepalese can send money through Lulu Exchange’s mobile app, Mega Bank said.

Remittances sent by Nepalese from Kuwait can be paid immediately through Mega Bank’s branches. And Mega Bank’s more than 3200 agents spread across the country.

While connecting ‘Mega Remit’ service to different countries of the world. Mega Bank has also expanded its service to Kuwait. Mega Bank has already made arrangements to send money from Al Mulla Exchange in Kuwait.


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