Members Demands To Probe On Rural Telecommunication Fund Program

The board members of Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) appeals for serious investigation regarding the program that is associated with rural telecommunication fund.

 By showing disappointment with the plans of an annual program the board members have demanded the progress report of a program that has been implemented by the authority.  The ‘Note of Descent’ has also been written for the annual program prepared for the current fiscal year.

The telecommunication authority has planned to circulate optical fiber throughout the nation via rural telecommunication fund.

 “The reports of the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have also mentioned about the improperness in the program of Rural Telecommunications Fund. We are also disgruntled with the proposal outlined for this year’s program”, said one official of Authority.

Despite the dissatisfaction of the members, the meeting of the Board of Authority held on Tuesday, has decided to pass the program for the current financial year and submit it to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for approval. The program passed by the board members of authority will come in implementation only after the approval of the Ministry of Information Technology.

 After all the four members of the Board of Directors mentioned their dissatisfaction, they agreed to submit the plans for the annual program to the ministry.

 “We decided to pass the program despite being dissatisfied because many programs of the organization will be halted if we will be reluctant”, said one of the officials of NTA. Committee members Tek Narayan Acharya, Ram Mani Dawadi, Hem Kumar Shrestha and Chudamani Chaulagain mentioned their dissatisfactions in points toward the decision made during the meeting of a board of directors.

The members asked for clarification after the chairman of NTA Digambar Jha came up with new plans for the annual program, though 90 percent of the work was already completed for the program.

 One of the officials of NTA stated, “Though 90 percent of the work for an annual day has already been completed, the chairman unfairly came up with new plans in the meeting. We were disgruntled with his working style”.

The board member also complained about Jha’s reckless behavior during the meeting. According to one board member, Jha shows very arrogant trait and disrespect the other participants of meetings. The member also added such kind of behavior by Jha will not allow long-term coordination.

“Our disagreement is with the program that falls under the Rural Telecommunication Fund, the cost of 9 billion has been fixed for the project which is totally unreasonable”, said one of the officials of NTA.


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