Mero Share Mobile App

18th September 2020, Kathmandu

Great news for all the investors in the Nepali Share Market! With the craze of share trading increasing in the Nepali market, CDS and Clearing limited has launched a MeroShare mobile app on September 16. Previously, only the web application was there to carry out all the necessary tasks.

The app is currently available in the Beta version. According to CDSC, google play store is reviewing the app currently. Unlike previous times, the app review might take some time, and only after the verification of the app, it will be available for the people to download.

The mobile app is currently developed only for android mobile and tablets. CDSC has said that after all the tests and operations are smooth and okay, they will build the app for the Apple Store.

Features in the mobile app of  ‘MeroShare’

The app contains all the facilities and features presented in the web version of Mero Share accounts. They include:

  • Share Details
  • IPO, FPO, and Right Share applications
  • Portfolio
  • EDIS
  • Bank Request
  • ASBA

The ASBA feature will not be available in the Beta version of the app. In the beta version of the app, you will just be able to view the portfolio, the electronic transfer of shares, and other features that will be available.

Meanwhile, you can go visit the web version of MeroShare by clicking here. In order to login to your account, you need to fill-up the form to create a MeroShare account from your bank.

Download the Beta Version of the app by clicking on this link.

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