Here is a good news for the Windows users as well as tech enthusiasts. Microsoft has released the date for launching Windows 10. Microsoft will be launching their last version of windows during the last week of July i.e July 29.
The operating system will be available to tablets and PCs using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 as a free version. This version will bring back the best features of previous version with appearance of 7 and some aspects of 8. It will also features updates later on and they maybe featuring support for touch devices like smartphones and tablets having windows 10 in it.The update to Windows will also bring the Cortana voice-controlled assistant into the desktops.
Microsoft is trying to make windows 10 popular for mobiles and tablets by making applications like word and excel touch enabled. windows 10 for other devices is said to be available later this year. Microsoft expects a billion people to use this version as the popularity will increase to mobile devices as well. Microsoft is positive toward the revive of the windows and mobile devices. Microsoft has already started notifying users for the copy of windows.
Microsoft has also presented a video explain what the new version going to be like. The new version is said to be more secure and user interactive as Cortana will also feature in it. Windows 10 brings back the start menu for whose absence it was criticized before. It will also feature a new browser i.e Microsoft Edge.
As Cortana is integrated, the whole internet surfing is believe to be more like a fun ride with contents that interests you. The version will also feature integrate xbox App which is a good news for the gamers. The rest of the features you can find in the video link: